Explore Rowan
Welcome to Rowan Academy. Established in 1649, the school was built using Old Magic and, as such, can be both strange and wonderful. Use the map below to get acquainted with the campus and some of its main buildings. Don't forget that supper's served at 6pm and Mum gets cranky if you're late!
The Manse
For the next six years, you'll call the Manse home. Built in the style of a European chateau, the Manse extends far beneath the grounds and no student yet has discovered all its secrets. Boys' and girls' dormitories are in the residential wings, and individual rooms are configured to suit their occupants. Please understand that room configurations cannot be changed, so if you find yourself bunking in a leaky hovel or a chicken roost, you're urged to make the best of it. Swing by the kitchens for a bite or three and be sure to say hello to Bob. Best avoid Mum 'til she's sniffed you!
Old Tom
A weathered hunk of gray stone, Old Tom is one of Rowan's primary academic buildings and is located northeast of the Manse. You'll hear Old Tom's bell tower throughout the day and many students find its deep, regular chimes a comfort within such an otherwise unpredictable campus. If you're looking for a bit of privacy, have a peek in Rattlerafters Library. It's located directly beneath Old Tom's chimes and is notoriously unpopular with students as its walls shake every hour on the hour. For centuries, students have whispered that there's a priceless archive of rare books and treasures beneath the campus. Some believe the entrance is within Old Tom while others believe it must be tucked within one of Maggie's mystics classrooms.
Next to Old Tom stands Maggie, braced against the gusts and spray from the Atlantic. While Maggie might not boast Old Tom's clock tower, advanced mystics classes take place within her ivy walls. Strange lights can often be seen from the upper windows and many of Rowan's younger students tend to give Maggie a wide berth at nighttime when the air is still and her very stones seem to whisper old incantations....
The Smithy
While Rowan is riddled with magic, it's not all about abracadabra. There are nuts and bolts, too., and within the Smithy, you'll find Rowan students and faculty focused on 'Devices'. Whether they boast useful properties or tap unusual sources of energy, Rowan's 'Devices' are useful tools that enable Rowan's Agents to spy out, track, and combat the enemy. Within the laboratories and workshops you might find your fellow students working on language translators, impenetrable nanomail, or even contact lenses to see in the dark!
The Course
Given recent events, all First Year students are required to begin defense training within the Course and to travel the campus in pairs. The Course is located beneath the Smithy and provides students with state-of-the-art combat simulations to sharpen both skills and strategy. Class advisors will provide necessary instructions and access codes. Please note: at the recommendation of our field agents, vyes may appear at random within scenarios regardless of student inputs. Consider yourself warned!
The Sanctuary
Boasting a wide array of natural habitats, the Sanctuary lies beyond a gated tunnel just past the Orchard, the Smithy, and the stables. Established as a refuge for mystic creatures on the brink of extinction, the Sanctuary offers a unique opportunity to glimpse a rare roc, a well-fed selkie, or even an ancient ki-rin. Remember that it's best to stay within the Sanctuary 's clearing as wild charges may be hunting among the dunes.
The Warming Lodge
You'll most likely find your charge in the Warming Lodge, next to the Sanctuary lagoon. Make your way here early and often unless you want YaYa to think you're neglecting the marvelous creature entrusted to you. Don't worry - whether your charge eats mice, melons, or metals, the serving imps can cater to any appetite.
The Kestrel
Moored near Brigit's Vigil, you'll find the Kestrel, a seventeenth century barque that enabled the survivors of Solas to flee across the Atlantic Ocean and build Rowan on the shores of North America. Despite its beard of barnacles, the Kestrel is a treasured relic of Rowan's past and off-limits to students. Be careful not to disturb its guardian!
The Field House
All work and no play makes for dull students, no? Nourish your mind, body, and spirit at Rowan’s Field House. Whether you crave a game of Euclidean soccer, a bit of Celtic hurling or simply a soak in the hot springs, you’ll find yourself restored in no time.
The orchard
There are many rows of apple trees in Rowan’s orchard and each is laden with very special fruit. There is exactly one tree for each class of Rowan students since the school’s founding and upon each tree there is an apple for each member of its particular class. No matter the age or season, these apples gleam ruby red until their owner dies. When this happens, the apple turns to gold – a burnished beacon to the memory of the deceased. While Rowan often bustles with activity, most students maintain a reverential quiet when passing through these sacred trees.
Rowan Township
Whether you’re in the mood for a bite of chocolate, a slice of pizza or a chance to nose about its quaint shops, you’ll find everything you need in Rowan Township. Be sure to say hello to the shop proprietors, many of whom are Rowan graduates or descend from the founding families of the Massachusetts Bay Colony.
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