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On February 6th the Society for Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI) kicked off 2015 with its winter conference in New York City. This was the third conference I’ve attended, and my first as a member of the faculty.

If you’re interested in writing or illustrating children’s books, I really can’t recommend the SCBWI more highly. Writing can be a very solitary career, and it’s wonderful to come together now and again with like-minded people to discuss your shared pursuits and passion. The SCBWI brings together writers, illustrators, agents, editors, and other publishing professionals to provide what is really an unrivaled collection of talent and experience. At any given conference you’re likely to fi [...]
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"The Greatest Man in the World"

SPOILER ALERT!!!  If you have not yet read The Red Winter, you may not wish to continue reading this entry. I will be referencing events that occur toward the end of the book and I don't want to ruin anything for you. If you've made it all the way to the end of Max's journey, however, continue on a little further for the inspiration behind Max's trials...

* * * * *

As some of you know, I used to teach history, specifically U.S. history to high school students in San Francisco. One of the things I really tried to stress to my students was how extraordinary the American Revolution was — not as a military conflict, but as an unprecedented historical phenomenon. Colonies almost inevitably revolt, but this uprising was different â [...]
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Well, that’s that... The Red Winter is officially out in the world and Max’s tale is now complete. I’ve been getting a lot of emails from readers about the release, available formats, what’s next, etc. so I’m going to address them here:

IS THE RED WINTER ONLY AVAILABLE AS AN E-BOOK? Yes. The publisher has elected to release The Red Winter exclusively as an e-book. There are no current plans to release a hardcover or paperback edition of the book.

The Red Winter was a very big and ambitious project that took me over a year to write. It also coincided with the birth of my second child and my first herniated disc — a perfect storm of [...]
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Did You Know? Some Tapestry Tidbits
THE RED WINTER is just around the corner and its story will bring Max's adventures to a close. Being the nostalgic sort, I've been reflecting on the series and thought I'd share a few "insider" tidbits of which you may or may not have been aware:
  • Max McDaniels is named after the wild little protagonist from Maurice Sendak's Where the Wild Things Are
  • Vyes were born from childhood nightmares of tall, wolfish creatures with squinting eyes. My three-year-old self even called them "vyes"
  • Mum and Bob are based on an elderly married couple that were cooks at my university
  • The Smee is named after "Mr. Smee" from Peter Pan. Their personalities have very little in common, but I love the sound of "smee" and thought it's relatively humble/benign sound was the [...]
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Sneak Peek: THE RED WINTER Ch. 2

As we count down to the release of THE RED WINTER, here's another excerpt from the book. This is chapter 2. Click these links for the prologue, or for chapter 1. The book will be released as an e-book on November 25th.

Ch. 2 - Shrope Hovel

Scholars classified hags among the lower orders of semiexotic, semi-intelligent beings. Their abrasive natures, willingness to be displeased, and readiness to eat the offending party set them apart from polite society. Lurking on the fringes of towns and villages, they inhabited dank cottages or burrows where they might brood over slights real or per [...]
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Henry Answers Reader Questions
Henry answers reader questions about THE RED WINTER, The Tapestry series, and his new project, "Impyrium." He also shows off his awesome summer tan.

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The Red Winter - Chapter One

As a special thank you for all your patience, here is a special sneak peek at the first full chapter of THE RED WINTER. I hope you enjoy it. -HHN

Ch. 1 A Crownless King

Some demons were older than Prusias, and some were wiser, but none could match his appreciation for the absurd. His robes were of Tyrian silk, his golden throne was studded with gems and the bones of conquered foes. His Majesty should have been regal as a god! And yet, here he sat, slumped and bored while his dressings were changed. The malakhim hovered like fussy mothers, peeling old bandages away, dabbing ointment on [...]
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The Final Chapter!

Today, I begin writing THE RED WINTER's final chapter. While I realize many people wish I'd arrived here sooner, I'm very happy with how it's turned out and the journey Max and myself have taken since I started writing the THE HOUND OF ROWAN almost a decade ago. When that book was published in 2007, I was a bachelor living in California. Fast forward 7 years and I'm living on the east coast as a happily married father of two beautiful boys. That is a lot of change in a relatively brief period of time. It boggles my mind to think of it. While I wish I could have written more books in that span, I'm proud of the five I managed and am optimistic that you'll enjoy The Tapestry's final installment.

Let's talk about THE RED WINTER. In my opinion, it is unquestionably the best book in the [...]
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An Approach to Word Building

Every author is a world builder, an architect of settings and characters that interact in various ways. Fantasy and science-fiction writers are particularly reliant on world building because the settings, denizens, or rules by which their world(s) operate are more imaginative. The best are able to balance fantastical elements with plausibility and realize a place that has real weight and dimension — a world that the reader finds both authentic and enticing. This is easier said than done and thus I'm going to share an approach that I've found helpful.

When I tackle world building, I use an acronym from my days as a history teacher. The acronym is S.P.R.I.T.E and its letters stand for the following aspects of a civilization: Society, Politics, Religi [...]
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Creating Compelling Characters
Henry discusses "Hook, Line, and Sinker" — his approach to developing characters for The Tapestry.

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