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Are you interested in drawing or becoming an illustrator? If so, you've come to the right place. Below you'll find a conversation with the incredibly talented Antonio Caparo, the gentleman who created IMPYRIUM's gorgeous cover. Read on to learn about Antonio's training, his approach to making art, and where he looks to find technical guidance and inspiration. It's a fascinating window into a professional's vision and creative process. Thank you, Antonio!

Could you please tell us a bit about yourself and where we can find you?

I am an illustrator, graphic designer and comic artist (but I haven’t done too much of the latest in a long while).I was born in Cuba and now I live in Montreal, Canada.

How did you decide to b [...]
Posted on Mar 06, 2017                         
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Some Impyrium characters

While I'm writing a manuscript, I'll take a break now and again to sketch some of the characters. Here's a drawing from two of the main players in Impyrium: Hazel Faeregine and Dame Rascha. Hazel is one of the Faeregine triplets; direct descendants of Mina I and the granddaughters of Mina XLII (informally known as "The Spider"). Dame Rascha is Hazel's tutor, an Elder vye from a family that has served the Faeregines for centuries. More to come!
Posted on Mar 17, 2015                         
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Takeaways from SCBWI

This past week I attended the Society for Children's Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI) national conference in Los Angeles. For those unfamiliar with SCBWI, it's an organization that brings together people from all areas of children's publishing — writers, illustrators, editors, agents, art directors, publicists, etc. If you're interested in making children's books, it's an organization you really need to join.

The week was inspiring and exhausting. I can't think of another context in which one can converse with an aspiring writer, all-mighty publisher, and Newbery award winner in the space of ten minutes. Yes, that actually happened. You get to take some time and focus on your craft while gleaning [...]
Posted on Aug 07, 2014                         
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"Mum, you have a turkey on your head...."
Here's a fun little sketch involving Mum taunting Bob whilst wearing a turkey on her head. When sketching, start simple and layer in details along the way. Happy Holidays!

Posted on Dec 20, 2013                         
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A Sketch of Blys

Still experimenting with some different techniques to find the right balance between old (hand drawn sketch) and new (using Photoshop add shading, textures, highlights, etc.) This sketch of Blys gets closer to what I want to do for my next project. The sketch is actually a modest-sized (~ 6 x 9") pencil drawing on rough paper (to give it some texture) that was scanned in at high-resolution so that I could shade and add some finer details in Photoshop. What I like is that it doesn't lose the handmade feel that I find lacking in a lot of digital painting and artwork.
Posted on Jan 27, 2013                         
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Mad Scientist

If you've been following the blog, you know I've been doing a lot of drawing experimentation — using different papers, tools, old techniques, new techniques, sketching on the computer, sketching by hand, combining the two, etc.

Here's a practice project I just did using a combination of techniques that I'm starting to really enjoy. Using a pencil on rough paper, I created a random character sketch, scanned the drawing, edited it in Photoshop, and then integrated it with a loose background that I roughed out on the computer. I'm fond of this approach because it's still a handmade drawing but also leverages the speed and flexibility of a computer. I find the look and feel very compelling.

Lots of fun trying out these techniques. While The Red Winter's illustrations will [...]
Posted on Jan 26, 2013                         
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Something New...

Innovation and improvement are empowering aspects of life. When one thinks of their routine when they were in school — the constant challenge to learn and internalize new content and skills — it's a sad fact that many adults cease challenging themselves with the same energy or expectations once they leave school. I'm trying to swim against that tide and expand my repertoire as an artist. As I've worked with a lot of traditional media, the next horizon for me is a digital one.

Here, you can see a seascape I've done using only digital brushes and paint. As a staunch traditionalist (Luddite?!) I have to confess that is a LOT of fun to create art using some of these new tools. While I'll always be a tremendous fan of old school, hand-made artwork, it's easy to see how and [...]
Posted on Jan 22, 2013                         
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Visualizing Scenes

There are times any writer hits a wall and has difficulty pushing forward. Whenever I get stuck, I'll spend some time drawing the scene I'm trying to write. This has several benefits — it keeps me engaged in The Tapestry's world, allows me to use different creative "muscles", and permits me to work on the story without necessarily spinning my wheels on the aspect that's giving me trouble. Often, when I've completed a sketch of a difficult scene, my brain has untangled some of the writing snags and I can continue on my way...

This particular sketch is from a scene in The Red Winter...a scene in which Max meets The Morrigan.
Posted on Jan 14, 2013                         
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A Sketch of Ember, Mina's charge
Given Mina's powerful (and mysterious) nature, readers are naturally curious about her and her charge, Ember — a golden dragon that washes up on Rowan's shores at the conclusion of The Maelstrom. Here's a sketch of her powerful charge. We'll be learning a lot more about each of them in The Red Winter...

Posted on Jan 07, 2013                         
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Live from New York!
In the spirit of expanding my repertoire, I decided to record a digital sketch of Mina from The Tapestry. I'm still new at this and didn't add any commentary for the video, but you can still get a sense of how I approach visualizing a character and getting it down on "paper". Hope you enjoy it.

Posted on Jan 04, 2013                         
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