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Henry discusses "Hook, Line, and Sinker" — his approach to developing characters for The Tapestry.

Posted on Dec 11, 2013                         
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Henry Answers Reader Questions
Today, I answered a few questions that readers submitted via Facebook. SPOILER ALERT: I mention events that occur in The Maelstrom. If you have not yet read the book, please keep that in mind.

Posted on Jan 08, 2013                         
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A Sketch of Ember, Mina's charge
Given Mina's powerful (and mysterious) nature, readers are naturally curious about her and her charge, Ember — a golden dragon that washes up on Rowan's shores at the conclusion of The Maelstrom. Here's a sketch of her powerful charge. We'll be learning a lot more about each of them in The Red Winter...

Posted on Jan 07, 2013                         
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Holiday Joy!

Well, the holidays are upon us — a cherished time to reflect, snuggle with loved ones, quaff eggnog, and toss innumerable catalogs in the recycling bin. It's also a time to coax one's bewildered toddler into sitting on a stranger's lap. I'm not certain which aspect of this photo is more upsetting; the fact that my son is howling or Santa's glazed, semi-creepy smile. Hopefully, Charlie will forget all about the experience and we can put this little gem aside for his wedding slideshow....

Apologies for the sporadic blog postings, but I was in California to launch The Maelstrom and returned to the NYC-area just in time for Hurricane Sandy. Exciting times as the Neffs camped out in the basement while the hurricane raged outside. Couldn't help but think of Yuga. Having lost [...]
Posted on Dec 03, 2012                         
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The Maelstrom is here!

I'm heading to California for a week of school visits and events related to the launch of The Maelstrom. It's a homecoming of sorts — I lived in San Francisco for nine years and really came to love the Bay Area. The trip is not only an opportunity to launch the book, but also to reconnect with old friends, former students, and favorite haunts.

A book launch always triggers some funny emotions and nerves: excitement, anxiety, pride, fear, you name it. I'm always intensely curious what my readers will think — whether they'll enjoy the story, appreciate new developments, get what I was trying to do, etc. The Tapestry's a little bit of a crap shoot on this front as I try not to repeat the tone or structure of previous books — the settings, situations, and cha [...]
Posted on Oct 19, 2012                         
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Henry Answers Reader Questions
A video blog in which Henry answered questions from readers on everything from his inspirations to his creative process, The Maelstrom, and what may come after The Tapestry is complete.

Posted on Sep 29, 2012                         
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The Maelstrom, Chapter One!

The Xebec

The harbormaster’s bell rang clear and cold as the xebec slipped past the tall breakers and entered Rowan Harbor. Witch-fire burned at its prow, an oily plume of green flames that sputtered in the breeze and cast a spectral gleam on the dark swells. A dozen fishermen and smugglers scattered out of its path, coaxing their smaller vessels beyond reach of the ship’s oars as it skimmed toward the main dock like a huge black dragonfly.

On the cliffs above, Max McDaniels slung off his heavy pack and stopped to watch the ship’s progress. Despite the predawn gloom, he could make out a weather worker on the xebec’s deck. The [...]
Posted on Aug 28, 2012                         
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In a Perfect World...

One of the most important things any writer or artist can do is reflect upon their work, recognize what's gone well, and — more importantly — what they have learned and would do differently if given the chance to tackle the project again. After all, almost any major creative endeavor has its learning curve and even the most talented and seasoned professionals inevitably miscalculate and make mistakes — errors of substance or style or some combination thereof. As a novice author, I've made more than most and hope that you can benefit from my experience. Here are three aspects of The Tapestry's story and structure that a more veteran me might have handled differently.

Perspective, or point of view, is the vantage from [...]
Posted on Aug 02, 2012                         
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A Compilation of Maelstrom Images

As a reader correctly pointed out, I've tended to post more drawings and updates to Facebook than my own blog. The reason is that it's often easier to update Facebook and that this website is a little unwieldy to administrate. That will remedied in the next version (the entire website will be getting an overhaul over the next few months) but in the meantime, here is a compilation of drawings from The Tapestry's upcoming book, The Maelstrom. I hope you enjoy them!
Posted on Mar 22, 2012                         
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The Maelstrom, The Red Winter, & Other Updates

I'm happy to report that The Maelstrom has been put to bed and I'm already at work on The Tapestry's fifth and final book. That volume will be titled The Red Winter and bring Max and David's adventures to a close. While it's bittersweet to work on the final book, I'm excited to give Max, David, Mum, Bob, Bram, Mina, Astaroth, Hannah, etc. etc. a fitting sendoff. It's simply amazing how these characters become family. I tear up when I think about saying goodbye! Yes, I know that's more than a little pathetic....

At the beginning of a new book, I spend a good deal of time planning the major storylines and character arcs (i.e., how the character will develop). I also try to brainstorm ways in which to exp [...]
Posted on Mar 12, 2012                         
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