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A video blog in which Henry answered questions from readers on everything from his inspirations to his creative process, The Maelstrom, and what may come after The Tapestry is complete.

Posted on Sep 29, 2012                         
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The Maelstrom, Chapter One!

The Xebec

The harbormaster’s bell rang clear and cold as the xebec slipped past the tall breakers and entered Rowan Harbor. Witch-fire burned at its prow, an oily plume of green flames that sputtered in the breeze and cast a spectral gleam on the dark swells. A dozen fishermen and smugglers scattered out of its path, coaxing their smaller vessels beyond reach of the ship’s oars as it skimmed toward the main dock like a huge black dragonfly.

On the cliffs above, Max McDaniels slung off his heavy pack and stopped to watch the ship’s progress. Despite the predawn gloom, he could make out a weather worker on the xebec’s deck. The [...]
Posted on Aug 28, 2012                         
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The Perils of Playing with Magic

It sounds like an oxymoron, but I really do strive for "plausible fantasy". I want the characters to seem real, the emotions to seem real, and for the world to hang together logically. Magic can stimulate our imaginations, but it can also threaten a fantasy story's plausibility if the author isn't careful to place it within some parameters.

Take the common magical device of teleportation - the ability to instantaneously travel someplace else, even a location thousands of miles away. That is an incredibly powerful ability - one that is so powerful it can threaten to undermine the balance in any world where it exists. In Rowling's work, every young wizard learns this ability and very soon they're zipping off all around the world instantly and e [...]
Posted on Jun 01, 2011                         
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Some Maelstrom Teasers...

So here I am - working away on the manuscript while New York shakes off winter and eases into spring. Some nice days lately, blooming flowers, crowded ice cream shops, and strollers, strollers everywhere.

I find myself staring at strollers quite a bit (and probably frightening the parents). My wife and I are expecting our baby boy in less than two months now and the reality of becoming a father is starting to set in. We've been tackling a project each week - putting up drapes, building a crib, attending birthing classes, etc. Babies are complicated creatures who need a lot of stuff...who knew?!? We're very excited to welcome our little guy into the world and no...he will not be named Max ;)

But enough of that stuff - let's talk Maelstrom! I've been racing against the baby to [...]
Posted on Apr 27, 2011                         
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Manuscript is Finished!

Well, you all have been so patient and I'm thrilled - literally THRILLED - to announce that the manuscript for The Fiend and the Forge (Book 3 of The Tapestry series) is complete.

She checks in at 247,000 words and while that will undoubtedly dwindle during the editing process, The Second Siege is about 125,000 words.  So, in a word, this is a BIG book.  I'm really very proud of it - it's a grander, more ambitious story that builds upon the foundation set in the first two volumes, and builds a whole new world.  A big story all the way around - the scope of the story, scale of various settings, the stakes, etc.  I truly cannot wait to share it [...]
Posted on Apr 06, 2010                         
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