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A video blog in which Henry answered questions from readers on everything from his inspirations to his creative process, The Maelstrom, and what may come after The Tapestry is complete.

Posted on Sep 29, 2012                         
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In a Perfect World...

One of the most important things any writer or artist can do is reflect upon their work, recognize what's gone well, and — more importantly — what they have learned and would do differently if given the chance to tackle the project again. After all, almost any major creative endeavor has its learning curve and even the most talented and seasoned professionals inevitably miscalculate and make mistakes — errors of substance or style or some combination thereof. As a novice author, I've made more than most and hope that you can benefit from my experience. Here are three aspects of The Tapestry's story and structure that a more veteran me might have handled differently.

Perspective, or point of view, is the vantage from [...]
Posted on Aug 02, 2012                         
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Creating Compelling Villains

In the fantasy genre, heroes enjoy the spotlight, but villains inevitably steal the show. A compelling villain can terrorize, dominate, and even seduce our sensibilities as they lurk in the background or emerge to play havoc with the narrative. Let's be honest - the Joker is much more intriguing than Batman. Without Darth Vader and his iconic mask, would Star Wars have become such a global phenomenon? Speaking of masks, who can ever forget Hannibal Lecter's comically hideous restraint in The Silence of the Lambs? By the end of the movie, half the audience was rooting for Lecter to escape. Even Clarice Starling's most devoted fan would have to concede that Lecter is the real star of the show.

When creat [...]
Posted on Jun 06, 2011                         
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