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THE RED WINTER is just around the corner and its story will bring Max's adventures to a close. Being the nostalgic sort, I've been reflecting on the series and thought I'd share a few "insider" tidbits of which you may or may not have been aware:
  • Max McDaniels is named after the wild little protagonist from Maurice Sendak's Where the Wild Things Are
  • Vyes were born from childhood nightmares of tall, wolfish creatures with squinting eyes. My three-year-old self even called them "vyes"
  • Mum and Bob are based on an elderly married couple that were cooks at my university
  • The Smee is named after "Mr. Smee" from Peter Pan. Their personalities have very little in common, but I love the sound of "smee" and thought it's relatively humble/benign sound was the [...]
Posted on Oct 12, 2014                         
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